First love is never forgotten

It may be obvious, but the first post regarding game design has to refer to my first game.

At the following link, you can take a look to the tiny but interesting “Puzzle Shui”.

The game obviously refers to Feng Shui discipline, since this game tries to relax the player and bring them into the eastern alchemical world.

As one friend of mine pointed out, actually Feng Shui means “water air/wind” (or maybe it was the reversal), so the game name doesn’t make that big sense…. but, WHO CARES!

Puzzle Sgui was created during the busy Global Game Jam 2012 held in Genoa’s University. We had only 48 hours to bring into existence something which made sense. After 8 hour of headbutts on the tables, we managed to conceive this game. The remaining 64 hours were spent coding, testing, finding sounds and so on. Oh, we managed to get some sleep on the hard floor too!

The team was composed of me (designer) and three coder guys. Graphics and audios were the result of some lucky accident, mistake or divine intervention, I believe.
Actually, I forgot to mention the team’s mascot, Maialino Amorino (in the picture he is coding after a sleepless night of work)

Given these facts, it is clear that the game is some kind of prototype, but nonetheless, it occupy a special place in my heart! Who knows, maybe one day I find some crazy ones and we’ll make Puzzle Shui a real game!

[Please, be aware that everyone can download and try this game freely. So, don’t waste more time, click on the link and try it immediately without complaining!]


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