“Let there be light”. The Sun is already down and I can’t see an inch from my nose

So, this is it…

I tried to resist long years, but in the end I had to surrender and open some kind of a web-site, blog-stuff…

Since I am (well, I hope to be) a videogame designer, this page will be the place where I’ll write something about videogame, about design, and, why not, about videogame design. Did I mentioned that I will talk about videodesign game too? No? Well, I didn’t since I won’t!

It will also be the place where I put on display the projects in which I worked… let’s call it marketing!

Now now now….

Before anything else, I found this nice article on becoming a game designer… I believe it deserves at least a quick reading:


The author, Ryan Shwayder, clearly explain why you should not be a game designer….

I sincerely believe that to be a (good) designer you should possess a fair amount of crazyness and foolishness… of course, the more the better!

Enough for now. This is just an opener!

“on the road to Damasc… Game Design!!!”


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