Chasing the Red Dragon

Shame on me!

This blog is brand new (and empty) and I already left it untouched for a whole week! I have to apologize but I went on a Londoner vacation…

But, never mind and go on!

Today I’d like to talk about a bit different topic: game design instead of videogame design.

Since I love games in the widest sense of the term, I ended up helping the guys of the Italian Red Dragon Confederaion (or Confederazione del Drago Rosso Italia), a fan based association of tabletop wargames players.

Here’s alink to CDRI’s forum:  (which is in Italian language, of course) [you can find me here if you look for Felian]

But, let’s get back to the beginning of my adventure with CDRI.

The Confederation was born as the official Italian fan community of Rackham’s miniature games;. Rackham was a French company producing super-high quality miniatures, mainly designed for “Confrontation” [French pronuntiation], a skirmish wargame.

Rackham designed a huge fantasy world (Aarklash) of peoples fighting against each others and against their oppressive gods. This magnificent world was described in many books, magazines and manuals. I really hope I’ll be able to write about Aarklash someday in the future!

I ended up playing Confrontation after some years of its existence and began to actively partecipate to the forum discussions and Italian tournaments. I really enjoy this community since it’s made of players who became friends to each other after many meetings.

With Rackham’s bankruptcy, the Confrontation game was abandoned to itself and to the many communities scattered around the world. Italy’s one decided that the game really needed an update and started improving the basic rules and gathering the dispersed game sources, in order to permit everyone to start playing.

During these years, the community lost many original members, but aquired some new ones. After playing many many games and having passed an examen, I was appointed referee.

At this point, not to much time later,  I entered the official designer and tester group and started helping improving the game.

Last but not least, for the joy of its many fans, around an year ago Confrontation’s rights were taken over by another company and should reborn from its cinders with the name of “Phoenix Edition”!

Many miniatures were already resculpted and sold on Cool Mini or Not, a fantastic American games website.

That’s all for now. As I was here with you, my friend, my quarry flew away… Got to go!


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