Xplored is a small but growing videogame company situated in the beautiful Rapallo, Italy.


As you can see from the website (if you took a look at it), the company is young itself and formed by young passionate people.

Xplored already managed to create dozens of games which can be played free on the web or on smartphones/iPhones.

In Xplored I work as junior game designer, but, as a matter of facts, I’m the only internal designer of the company.

I have several roles and carry out different tasks at once; the main ones are: writing the design documents, both the in-game and out-game texts, working on the general game designs, studing levels designs for the games, creating storytelling and doing playtests. I also act as a sort of “memory unit” for the development team, which refers to me for doubts and forgetfulnesses.

This post (which is quite serious and boring if compared to the previous ones), is the necessary preface for the next ones, where I’ll write about the games I worked on, here in Xplored!

I have to point out that, since the customer enrolling us wants some secrecy, right now I can’t openly declare on which titles I worked on, but I can say it’s a huge company and that you might find some clues reading my following posts!

Stay tuned!


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