The cars are prepped, the tracks are cleared and everything is ready for Formula Sprinty!

At last! Finally it is time for a videogame topic!
This post is all about one of the three games I am really interested in of Kinder Ferrero’s website: Sprinty.

I’d like to carefully analyze it!

You can freely play it on, just be sure to select your language!

Sprinty (or Formula Sprinty) is one member of the Magic Kinder’s website family of games. hosts a big numeber of activities, games, pictures and short movies dedicated to young boys and girls. These contents are totally free and can be enjoyed by anyone from all over the world, since this website is translated into around 25 languages. I think is pointless remembering that Ferrero is the biggest Italian company.
Probably, the game will be freely released on iOS too.

Let’s get back to Sprinty. As suggested by its name, Formula Sprinty is a 3D racing game. This game draws on its hononymous Kinder Surprise toy line. Mainly, the five different game vehicles are inspired from those found in the chocolate eggs.

As mentioned, this game is really simple to play and conceived for the youngest players (3-10 years). The game features 5 cars, 9 tracks (with reversal mode, so 18 tracks) and several game modes.

The game offers a series of interesting peculiarity, making it a perfect game for kids. First of all its three levels of game difficulty: free, semi-assisted and a-lot-assisted. These modes totally change game controls.

+Free mode (in game Super-Pro) leaves the player the ability of accelerating, steering and braking.
+Semi-assisted mode (aka Hard) require that the player press on the accelerator, while the computer make bad steers; the player can improve the trajectories using directions on the keyboard.
+A-lot-assisted mode (aka Easy mode) ask the player to simply press the accelerator button; the user have to be careful and fast in proximity of the curves, in order to do not go to the exterior too much. It is obvious that the difficulties’ names (just like the tracks’ ones) are designed to make children think that they are champions and to expand their enthusiam.

Furthermore, the game features a system of increasing ability IA, ideal for beginners and young players. The user can start the game in a friendly envireonment while they learn the rules of the game.
Finally the very game structure, physics and tutorials are conceived for newbies and illiterate players; super-wide trakcs, fake physical laws and iconographic messages do the dirt work!

Outside usual options (as the vehicles’ customization) Sprinty contains a series of other features such as tournaments and asyncronous multiplayer modes.
The most interesting within this last category is the so-called Sprinty TV.

“What’s Sprinty TV” you say? Nice question! Sprinty TV is a bit of multiplayer and a bit of a TV replay. Once, each day, the player drives a time trial race; the next day they watch themself from a series of differnt camera view facing an opponent. The computer unites the two players datas and replays, creates a head-to-head race and shows the users the result.

Last but not least about Formula Sprinty, it is to underline that the game musics are really nice! Good job, composer!

The final point of this post is strictly related to Spinty game. It is a series of four short videos dedicated to Sprinty and published on Magic Kinder too.
You can give them a check at this link:

Ok, that’s all. Next time’s MixArt!

See ya!


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