Mixing in action!

MixArt is another of the Magic Kinder games. Analysis time!

I won’t bore (to death) you explaining again what’s Magic Kinder, what’s Ferrero or how fantastic is Nutella…. wait… I never wrote about Nutella… even if it is a totally different matter Nutella might deserve a post too! …but some other day!

So, MixArt. Just like Sprinty, MixArt derive from its homonymous line of surprises.

Since the MixArt toys are many and very different, the videogame is composed of some small activities.

The game revolves around its 3D world/map, where the player can select the various areas clicking on the paired paper toy (they will be explained in another post, as soon as they are released);

each one takes the player to a different mini-game. Many of this games are linked to each other by the common pictures the game features (aka Scenic Scenes).

Let’s see each one of them in detail.

1: The Art School: the player choose one among the many Scenese; it is in a black and white version and the player can freely paint it. The user is able to color in three different ways: free, partially-guided and guided.

The free version doesn’t need any explanation. Just like in MS Windows’ Paint, the user moves and uses the brush, selecting one among many colors and textures.
The partially-guided mode is the dream method of coloring of every children! The user can color as they wish, but they do not risk to smear outside the selected area.
Last, the guided mode is similar to the Paint’s authomatic area filler.

The Art School allows the player to save one of their artworks and to print ’em.

2: The Jigsaw Box: well, the name is pretty much illustrative… the player rebuild one of the Scenes that was fractured into a number of pieces (players’ choice). Nothing unusual… it deserve a  mention the “docking animation” of the jigsaw pieces… really nice!

3: The Magic Mirror: this game is another calassic; the player has to find the 7 differences existing between two almost identical versions of a same image. Not much to say here too… some picture are quite simple, while others ask for a more attentive look. The artist did a very good job.

4: The Magic Lens: this one is my favourite… up to now! The player uses a lens able to reveal hidden objects. They have to find the one shown on the screen and avoid the “trap ones”. The artist made a superb job of humor! He was able to place super funny objects in the best places ever! I really suggest to try this one! Guaranteed fun!

This is the last MixArt mini-game today  available. Three more are to come quite soon…

As you can see, this game was almost enterely built by the graphic artist.  He drew the Scenes, the items, the icons, the buttons… everything! And he did it in a real nice manner!

Just like Sprinty, an advertising video was realized for this game; you can find it here:


Finally, I would like to point out that this game has really nice, lovely, musics!

Stay tuned for my next post. Time for the last Magic Kinder game. The biggest, widest and more interesting of the three,

What if Grand Theft Auto was for girls?


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