What if GTA was for girls?

Finally, the third game which interests me of the Ferrero’s Kinder Surprise website: Trendy Dolls!Immagine

Again, I bypass the greater part of the explanation regarding what is the Magic Kinder Website, what is Ferrero, and so on….

Just, be aware that this game, is free at http://www.magic-kinder.com/mk/lang/it_IT/only4girls/dolls.htm and I believe it will be released for iPhone and perhaps Android. (Remember to select your language on the website)

So, what’s Trendy Dolls? Trendy Dolls is a game for girls (8-12 years old) based on the Kinder Surprise line of toys called “Only For Her” (no kidding); these toys gather a series of different products, such as assembleable dolls, pseudo-prophetic animal figures, simple jeweles and so on.

Trendy Dolls videogame was designed in order to merge all these elements in a single, captivating, game.

Let’s start from the very concept.

The basic idea was that the game is for young girls. What do they like? They are to young for love and they are not as competition-oriented as boys; they are often jealous of their older sisters and so they would like doing the same things and having the same possibilities. Keeping these elements in mind, the game is thought in order to simulate a living world simulation, a safe place where girls can experience situations similar to those their teen colleagues experience in everyday life.

So, what does a female teen do? She likes fashion, she likes going out, she likes visiting friends, she likes playing social games and so on!

Trendy Dolls is all this (and much more) adapted to a pre-teen audience.

The game starts giving a glimpse of the world map and then the player is took to their room; here the user can customize their avatar (both at appearance and clothes level), change tiles and walls and furnish the room.

The player can select among many available features.

After this, the player selects the “world icon” and goes back to the map.

The world possess some really nice idle animations, showing that’s a place full of life and  adventure.

Now the player can select one of the six countries and go there (or return to their chamber). Each land has a unique layout and shape, with different buildings, people and features. As said before, the ambition of the project was that of creating a simulation of a living world; when the project will be totally finished, each person will have a wide quantity of phrases, played depending on the avatar’s actions and accomplishments.

In each neighborhood, the player meets a different friend of their avatar, accompanied by a Fortune Pet. After a quick chat at a local cafè, the player receive an assignment and has to go to another country in order to retrieve a missing object.

This item is vital for being able to arrange a certain festival. The player has to visit a shopkeeper located in said place and got the object. After that, they go back to the original neighborhood, deliver the packet and assist to a short video showing the festival taking place. 

The player is rewarded with gratitude and some tickets, useful for acquiring new pieces of clothing.

To make a synthesis, the player has to help the six countries doing some errands and, in the end, the happiness will be restored and the avatar receive the thankfulness of all the people of the game; all the while the user collect clothes, shoes, hats and so on.

This game has not a game over or a manner to lose; as said, competition is not really loved by young girls.

Once again, this game’s tunes are designed to happily accompany the player around the world. They are really nice and well conceived!

Just like the other two Magic Kinder games, a series of advertising short movies were realized. The following link takes you to them:


This should be all…. keep on following me!

Next time, I should go back to D&D miniatures!

Stay tuned!

What if GTA was for girls?


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