About time… and time & money

This post is about free-to-play videogames and players opinions. (Yeah, brutal short introduction!) 

Let’s start from some practical, and apparently, strange facts: players, playing F2P games, often complain about the lacks, the bugs, the poor designs and so on.

The first thought anyone  (developers first) could have is: why are you complaining for something free? You have not paid a single penny nor you are compelled to play it! (And now, get your feet out of here, you cretin!)

Anyone can agree that this event is quite strange, bizarre… why complaining for a “gift”? Yeah, a F2P game can be seen as a gift to the players in some ways!

Today, I’d like to investigate on this point, on this “why”

First, we have to see the whole video game scenario: each day a player can try endless games for free. Mobile games and web games are everywhere and totally free. Never before, the users were able to access such a great quantity of games! A player can spend as many hours a day as they wish playing freely every kind of videogame they desire.

This means (and this is the first assumption):

-money is needed no longer to play;
-users have access to a seemingly limitless supply of different games of every possible genre.

In such a situation, a player will play a game instead of another depending on their personal tastes and on the games quality.

In today daylife, spare time is more and more precious. Our lifes are frantic and extremely short. Time is money!

So the second assumption is:

-time is super precious now days

Given these facts, since money is no longer needed to play, the only resource players are spending to play is time, but, today, time is money for real!

Players pay games with their time.

Even if this fact is not always consciously perceived by the players, they feel robbed and betrayed when they play a bad game. They could have spent their time in a better way, for example playing a worthy video game!

This is the reason for their complains regarding bad F2P games! They are saying: “I entrusted you my time and believed in you promising me a nice entertainment, but you deceived me palming me this crap!”

This is it.

Must reflect on this point!

See ya next time!


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