When casual gamers are hardcore gamers… and they don’t know it!

This post is about another my personal consideration. (yeah, you can say “again?!”)

Today I’d like to write about some particular games and gamers. Well, actually the formers are not so “particular”, but are massively selling titles. I’m mainly referring to soccer games (i.e. Pro Evolution Soccer and FIFA brands) and racing games (GT, Forza Motorsport, Dirt and so on). I believe that on the other side of the Atlantic, Madden’s Football and other sports games can be counted to. (Secondarily, also FPS can often be counted into this group too). 

I believe that sport games can somehow be rated as casual games. Their genre is suitable for anyone and they cover some themes that are evident and clearly recognizable to any kind of person. Sport is part of everyday life, especially soccer (at least in the Old Continent) and driving is common as (if not more than) walking. 

The interesting point is that there are many players that can not be defined as such, since they don’t really like videogames, but they are fanatics of a the genres I mentioned above.

Let’s see who is commonly called “hardcore gamer”; usually, with th term “hardcore gamer” is meant a player who spends a great deal of hours playing videogames, with great experience and ability. Last but not least, they play games intended as hardcore like RTS, Japanese RPG and so on, i.e. games  requiring enormous concentration, dedication and thinking. There is a nice article here, treating this topic. 

It’s quite easy to correctly presume that many hardcore gamers are nerds or otaku (I myself probably belong to these groups).

Among all these variables, there is only one fixed pivot: playing a lot and being skilled. 

So, it appears that the main qualities to belong to the “hardcore gamers” group are: spending a big quantity of hours playing and becoming good.

There is a gargantuan percentage of people who do not call themselves hardcore gamers and yet, they are. They themselves despise other “ordinary” hardcore gamers, saying that they have not a real life and things like that. They play only to a really few titles, for whitch they are super expert fans. As I stated above, they usually only play to the games I consider somehow casual, as I stated above (sports or driving and/or FPS games). These players, usually, only buy a title per year; but they probably play it much more than many “ordinary” hardcore gamers do with one of their beloved games; “ordinary” hardcore gamers buy a respectable quantity of games each year, i. e. they play them to the very end, but they play many titles, sometimes contemporaneously too. “Sports” hardcore gamers play a couple games per year but spend thousands of hours on them. 

So, where’s the difference among these two kind of hardcore gamers?

A last final, funny note is that, often, “ordinary” casual gamers don’t like sports games.

This takes me to think that there might be two different kinds of hardcore gamers:

-those who know they are hardcore gamers and play demanding games

-those who don’t consider themselves hardcore gamers (and, yet, they are) and play to casual games with the same dedication as “ordinary” hardcore gamers.

Again, where’s the difference among these two kind of hardcore gamers?

Perhaps is only a matter of tastes and consciousness…

P.S.: th first picture shows PES and an Italian rap/hip hop band called Club Dogo. They made a song in which they mention the soccer game. I believe (but I might be totally wrong) that they are the perfect representation of the “sports” hardcore gamers. If you want to hear their song, just click here. I admit I don’t like ’em very much…


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