Alpha, Beta, Gamma… Delta Engine!

deltaThis is it!

Finally, after quite some time, I’m here to post something!

Lately I was really busy since on 2nd January I started working for Delta Engine GmbH.

Delta Engine is a young, energetic company based in Hannover, Germany; its main goal is creating an awesome open source game engine, able to export to every possible game platform.

I know that it’s a really ambitious purpose, but the team is composed by some of the best game programmers available, as you can easily see on Delta Engine website.

You are probably wondering what I’m going to do there… well, I’m going to work on a showcase game called Creepy Towers, a really promising tower defense game! Interested in it? You’d better check Delta Engine’s blog and Creepy Towers official website (which is still under construction… by me). creepy


So, check it often because you’ll find soon many interesting news!




Busy life

Again, I’m not able to write a proper post about something interesting. The reason? Many new exciting things are happening to my career!

Stay tuned for fresh news coming soon!