‘Til Death will part us

Post-jam time!


As I said last time, during last Thursday and Friday, Delta Engine held a short 24 hours Game Jam.

My team was composed of me, a level designer, 2 artists and 2 programmers and one composer. The event was really funny and gave us employee the opportunity to cooperate on our projects.

Since the high density of graphics, we decided to work on that front.

The game name’s Til Death.

The game story is quite simple: the Zombie Apocalypse is on and there are fewer and fewer people around. Zombies do not hold a soul anymore. For this reason Death have to protect the last persons alive until they die of “natural death”. The whole game is narrated through comic strips., while the levels are somehow hack’n slash style.

You can take a look at the final product at this link.

We wanted to create a longer story and several alternatives, depending on successes and failures, but time was really short.

Oh, the game contains an Easter Egg: last level is located within our office and the zombies are made with the team members (including me, of course!)

We’d like to enrich it and release it someday. So stay tuned for more news on it!

You can also check out the other games realized during the jam at the usual link:


See ya!


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