The struggle: the game development process

Hi all! Sorry for taking this long, but I was not really able to write anything until now.

Creepy towers logo

The last period was extremely busy, especially on the Creepy Towers’ development front.

Since we are in the middle of the development process, today I would like to spend some words about it, under a game designer point of view of course.

The game design phase starts far before any other one. Depending on the type of the company this process can require tons of documents or consist of some speeches and a few papers. During this phase all the participating actors (mainly designers, producers, leads and some other guys) discuss about the initial idea and goals, everyone trying to eviscerate and tear it apart as much as possible. At this moment, the game designer has to explain and convince people of the goodness of his proposals like (or better than) a demagogue. 

Presuming he was successful, now it starts the designing phase. Even if nowadays a game designer usually doesn’t have to write a full design bible, this stage could require several dozens of pages to be written down, concerning all general aspects of the game that will be developed.

This task might take some time and often causes the designer to rethink and modify some of his original ideas. Now that he is compelled to analyse them at a deeper state, he can notice that some stuffs does not really work or can present lots of problems, thus requiring new improvements. 

After this part and after being discussed again and again with the producer, the first design document is presented to the development team. No matter how careful or detailed or clear the designer was, something have been forgotten or can somehow be misinterpreted.

And again, this phase asks for new rethinking and changes and explanations and discussions. And the design document is modified and enriched accordingly.

The development goes on and for the whole duration of it the design document never stays still. improvement, new ideas, new concepts, changes and whatever occur and what’s written down and shared with the team have to be the same.

In the meantime, the game designer keeps on watching over his creature and guiding the team on the direction decided at the very beginning. It is not an easy task and this is also one reason why a good game designer is also a good team leader and motivator. 


Passing through prototype, alpha, beta and gold, a design document can be totally twisted, but it is always done on behalf of the final product the best possible. And it is funny to note how the game designer is his own worse enemy: several time during the development he has to find the strength to kill his own creatures, fighting against his beliefs, the time he spent and, above all, his pride.

(all pictures come from Creepy Towers Fecbook page; Like it!)