Yet another wannabe fantasy card game goes BOOM!

Blam! Sbang! Sbram! KA-BOOMKa-boom-app-store

Ka-boom is the latest game made by those crazy guys at Broken Arms Games, a small Indie company originating from Italy and recently moved to Australia. (Meet them on their new FaceBook page)
The crew is very young and driven by a natural passion towards gaming and game development. It is easy to recognize this feeling simply by starting to play one of its games, especially its baby-born, Ka-Boom.
Ka-Boom is a free fantasy card game released for mobile devices (and available on the Apple Store) which features a great quantity of humor and a “simple to learn and hard to master” gameplay. To let you have a quick glimpse about what I am talking about, please take a look at the game trailer (which, unluckily, I was only able to find in Italian).

The game is structured for offering a very amusing card game for two participants, both playing on a nine squares grid.
giocoDuring their turn, the users place a card in one of the squares and try to conquer opponent’s ones by having higher values. To make the game more thrilling, each card expires after a certain amounts of turns: a player who was gaining the upper hand in the challange, might suddenly find himself in a bad situation. Needless to say that these features, together with a huge number of cards, a cool crafting system and a very funny art style, make this game something that any iOS gamer should, at least, try.ka-boom-2

Now comes the part “Why are you writing about this and not about GTA 5?”
The answer is pretty easy: everybody is already taliking about GTA 5,  I personally know the guys at Broken Arms and they are my friends. While they were developing this cool app, they asked me for any game design suggestion and, since I gave them a small (but, I hope, good) one, they wanted to add me to the game credits. The least I can do is to make a blog entry on this!



Once again, great job guys! And have an explosive (Ka-booming?) success with this game!