Drink ‘n Drive!

 Global Game Jam 2014 came to an end last Sunday, 26th January 2014.


I was able to join the event at the Bremen site, which is one of the biggest in Germany; over there, more than 80 jammers met and worked hard on their projects for 48 crazy hours.


Since I went there without having a team, I joined on the spot a group of guys; luckily, our team got along really fast.
At 4PM the organization presented the Jam’s theme, “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are”. As such, the options for creating a game were almost endless, but we wanted to make something cool and kicking. That’s why, after a not-too-long brainstorming, we came up with “Drink ‘n Drive”, a non-politically-correct driving game based on the effects that alcohol can cause on drivers.



The concept of the game, which sadly was not possible to take to full completion because the lack of time, was the following: there is a driver in his car who is in a big hurry; however, he does not feel like ignoring the speed limits, thus he drives quite slow. But, when he drinks and gets drunk, his inhibitions disappear and he starts driving much faster! In the meantime, his perceptions get altered and things start looking different; for example, a pedestrian might look no anymore as an innocent victim to dodge, but like a coin to collect or a zombie to slay.


The game is, of course, pretty simple, but has a feature studied to make it much more funny and more similar to real life: to best appreciate the game, the player can use their Android mobile as a remote controller; thanks to its accelerometer, the device works as a beer bottle and, tilting it, the character drinks and gets drunk. The best way to appreciate the game is to attach the phone to a bottle and really drink to accelerate!

Last but not least game feature, are the real driving license question that are asked to the player! Evey time they start a race, a question is offered; if the player answers correctly, they get an in-game bonus! It was decided to add a small percentage of fake/funny questions, in order to confuse the player, but the time did not allow for that, even if I managed to prepare all of them.


The game is realized in pure and awesome pixel art, in order to bring back memories of masterpieces such as Outran and Rad Racer.

 Likewise, the music selected for the game was supposed to be 8bit style.


I would like to thank again my team for their efforts and great work and offer you, my good reader, the chance to try Drink ‘n Drive, by downloading it for free from the Global Game Jam website.
Maybe, one day, the rest of the team and me will decide to enrich this game and take it to its deserved accomplishment!