Great success for Violetta – Music Adventure!

Just a quick update!
Violetta topped the Italian and several other countries’ download charts!
This little great game immediately conquered the heart of all the V-Lover and was ranked 1st as most purchased App!10470161_10152277176591056_2439753238761182122_o

I have to admit that I am quite proud of this… Hopefully, the game will become more and more successful and appreciated!


When “Music” means “Adventures”!

Disney’s Violetta: Music Adventure is finally out! This is the latest game I worked on as game designer and was released today on the iOS App Store.1
Become Violetta and explore her world, meet her friends and experience her same feelings. This adventure game faithfully follows the popular TV series and allows the players to do whatever they always dreamt about while watching it.ce07b5aa77-SLIDE_02_NEW
The player is asked to take on some quests, in order to help this or that friend who are in need; talk to people, look for objects, visit colourful locations and train your sing skills through funny mini-games.logo
Violetta: Music Adventure is the latest game released by Artematica Entertainment, one of the oldest and most successful Italian game developers. This was not the first time I helped them as an external game designer and it will not be the last one. I am pretty sure that this game will gather a lot of attention from all the series’ fans and top the popularity charts in the blink of an eye.
Violetta: Music Adventure is available for iOS and Google Play.