Storytelling at a new level

It’s definitely too much time that I’m not posting anything here… 534476_417853834948833_106206925_n
Time is short and running away like a river, however I found a few minutes to talk about one of the most recent thing I was involved into: Mamoo.
Mamoo is a project aiming at teaching foreign languages to small kids through fairy tales  portrayed on its software.
What I also find interesting is that, beside using famous stories, Mamoo relies on new authors and emerging artists.
As a creative game designer, storytelling is part of my everyday life and is one of my hobbies; for this reason, I enthusiastically joined the group of professionals involved in this ambitious project and wrote down a short fairy tale which is currently under development.
I found the experience of writing a fable quite interesting; in order to be part of Mamoo you can not create just any story, you also need to convey educational messages through simple words. Teaching a language is only one of the many features offered by this project!
Well, let’s hope that Mamoo will become a great success, since it offers a unique and extremely useful service in a colorful and entertaining way!

Of course, I will report when my fairy tale will be published!