Portfolio (aka, “what I worked on, till now”)

Flavio Damasco, Game Designer & Assistant Producer

Here is the list of project I worked on as Game Designer and Assistant Producer.
In all the games listed here I worked as game designer. I was responsible for taking care of all the creative aspects of the games: overall theme, gameplay mechanics, plot, storytelling, dialogues etc. Beside that, I was often charged of taking care of the management and testing of these projects too.
Usually, my role on the following projects was from their initial stages to their very end.
I really enjoy brainstorming and putting my creative mind at work!

• Professional Projects
• Indie/experimental Projects
• Non-digital Projects

Professional Projects:

Violetta – Music Adventure (started 2013, released 2014)

Artematica Entertainment Srl ce07b5aa77-SLIDE_02_NEW
iOS, Android
Adventure Game

Violetta – Adventure Game is the officially licensed game of the massively popular TV series belonging to Disney.
In this game you take control of Violetta and meet all her friends from the show. Visit the Studio where they learn
to sing and dance, help the characters in need and perform in the Music contests through cool mini-games.
This game has pre-teen female players as main target, but, given its fresh, funny and high quality features, it can be appreciated by any kind of player. A real must-have for any fan of the series.
For this project I worked as External Game Designer and was responsible of creating the quests.

Creepy Towers (started 2013, currently under development)

Delta Engine GmbHCT
Web, Android, iOS, Windows, Windows Phone
Tower Defense Game

Based on a unique combat system, the game takes the player to a different level challenge, wherethey have to use chemical reactions to defeat waves of enemies. A superbly reactive AI and amusing dialogues between Avatars and Super Villains bring the game to a higher fun level.
This game is created as showcase of the company’s game engine, the “Delta Engine” and is designed to be released as a free game on all existing platforms (including all consoles) in the next future.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Assistant Producer.

KaBoom Monsters (2013)


Broken Arms Games Pty Ltd
Collectible Card Game

The game takes place in a fantasy world that doesn’t take itself too seriously.
The intuitive gameplay is backed up by a rich gaming experience. You create your own cards, develop your deck and jump into an epic single player campaign with a series of battles. KaBoom Monsters offers a unique card/object crafting system allowing you to pimp up your weapons, armors and add different objects to boost your deck.
For this project I helped as External Game Designer.

Trendy Dolls (2012)


Xplored Srl
Web, iOS, Android
RPG/Free Roaming

Trendy Dolls is a B2B game realized for Kinder Ferrero. The game is an open world where the player can interact with a lot of people, dress as they like and take on many quests in order to help the various neighborhoods. The game is designed to be ideal to pre-teen female players and makes them feel free and able to do the same things their older sisters do.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Assistant Producer.

MixArt (2012)


Xplored Srl
Multi-event Game

MixArt is a B2B game realized for Kinder Ferrero. Devised for young kids, this game provide several art based mini-games that are focused on providing a double experience to the player, both virtual and physical: the player is able to print and play with everything they do online, like papercrafts, artworks and a card game.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Assistant Producer.

Sprinty (2012)


Xplored Srl
Web, iOS, Android
Driving Game

Sprinty is a B2B game realized for Kinder Ferrero. Like the other games for this company, children are the target of the game, thus providing them a cool experience enjoyable from 3 to any age, thanks to the different options for setting controls: players can have full control of their vehicles or decide to reduce them to simply “gas and brakes” while the AI does the rest.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Assistant Producer.


Indie/Experimental Projects:

Drink ‘n Drive (2014)


Driving Game

A non-politically-correct driving game created during the Global Game Jam 2014 by a small team. The game focuses of showing how reality is perceived it differently and how doing bad things (like trampling people with a car while drunk) could look good. The game offers a unique control system that makes the player feel like they were really drinking alcohol, because they have to mime the gesture of taking a bottle to their mouth. Sadly the game was not taken to full completion as it was designed, but it still represents an interesting concept.
For this indie projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Project Manager.

Impossible (2013, unreleased)


Delta Engine GmbH
Platform/Puzzle Game

Impossible is conceived to be a really difficult and frustrating (but still funny) game because of its controls. It was created by a super small team during a 48 hours game jam. Designed in pure 8bit style, the goal of the game is to collect the letters of the word “impossible” in various one screen levels; however, the keys used to control the avatar change randomly every time the player gets one of the letters! So, to provide an example, initial keys are WASD and Space-bar, but after getting first letter they might become TVIS and P. The player has a limited amount of time to find the new buttons and to manage to collect the next letter.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Project Manager.

Til Death (2013, unreleased)


Delta Engine GmbH
Action/Hack’n Slash Game

Til Death is a simple hack’n slash game featuring cool and super funny comic strips. Created during a 48 hours game jam by a small group mostly composed of artists, the team decided to take advantage of that limitation and give Til Death a really cool look. Set in a zombie-apocalyptic world, the Death itself has to slay zombies to help the last few survivors to die of a “natural death”, because becoming a zombie does not mean to die. A huge quantity of humor flavors it.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Project Manager.

PuzzleShui (created 2011, released 2013)


Windows Phone
Puzzle Game

Realized during the 2011 Global Game Jam and finally released without any real improvement in 2013, PuzzleShui is a “simple-to-learn-hard-to-master” puzzle game, featuring a unique double mechanic based on Chinese feng-shui. Goal of the game is to clear the level of all the spheres on the game field; to do so, the player has to follow the alchemical elemental predominances and transformations provided by the Chinese philosophy. The player can thus make his own game easier of harder by their own abilities, decisions and behaviors.
For this projecy I worked both as Creative Game Designer and Project Manager.


Non-digital Projects:

Confrontation 5th Italian Edition (started 2012)

Italian Red Dragon Confederation (CDRI)
Tabletop Miniature Wargame

Confrontation was a very popular tabletop miniature wargame a few years ago. After the company owning it went bankrupt, several national fan communities started to try to keep the game alive; CDRI is one of them. Like many other similar games, Confrontation features several fantasy armies fighting against each other in an amazing world were resources are limited and war is “normal”. The game revolves around beautiful sculpted miniatures and many six-sided die. As a game designer and tester I help improving the game, creating new characters, spells etc. This massive project led us to accomplish the first 5th Edition release in March 2014 and made many Italian players really happy. The project is not over yet (and maybe it will never be), since we keep on improving it and releasing new assets, such as new characters and so on. To spread the word about this, we also made a small, cool, teaser that can be watched here, while all the contets we did are freely downloadable from this page.

Dungeons & Dragons Miniatures Game Original Edition (started 2011)


Tabletop Miniature Wargame

Dungeons & Dragons Miniature game was a quite popular game based on D&D and created by Wizards Of The Coast. The game uses beautifully painted maps and cool miniatures to display parties of heroes and monsters fighting in the eternal struggle between good and evil. After a few years, however, the company decided to completely change the rules of the game, thus alienating half of the gaming community. I was one of them, thus I joined several other fans of the officially licensed community (the DDMGuild) and helped keeping alive the game.

RolePlay Games (since 1999)


As a big fan of rpgs, I have matured over 15 years of experience playing these games and at least half of the time as game master and narrator. I learned many of the most famous games on the market and created thrilling adventures for my players. Names such as “Dungeons & Dragons”, “Cyberpunk”, “Vampire the Masquerade”, “The World of Darkness” and “Ars magica” are just a few of them.


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